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  • Lined pipes - заказать у компании «EUTIT-UA»
  • Lined pipes
  • Lined pipes

A good contriver puts profitability and quality before other properties. In a case with cast basalt, a manufacturer which uses this material achieves the maximum profitability. Despite the initial cost of pipelines lined by cast basalt seems high, their economic benefit is 6 times above than convenient pipelines. As a result the pipeline service life considerably elongates that means reduction in cost of your products thanks to a continuous flow process and low repair expenses. Therefore it is necessary to ascertain that a good manufacturer uses cast basalt in all cases where the economic gain and continuous operational process (without interruption as a result of breakages) are necessary.

It is necessary to note that the Czech cast basalt which is used by company Eutit falls into the best. Any charge-adjusting materials are not added to chemistry of melted Czech basalt during production of stone casting, and any special processing methods are not required. It is proved that only Czech and Bulgarian basalts has monomineral pyroxene composition. Our stone casting features high abrasion resistance and in many cases also surpasses heat-resistant steel.

Products made from cast basalt have practically unlimited service life, they are resistant to attacks of moisture, acids and alkalis of all concentration, they are not exposed to corrosion and do not require protective painting, and do not lose their useful properties because of atmospheric attacks. Therefore use of stone casting is much more preferable than of special cast iron or steel.

Basalt pipes cannot be used directly in the capacity of a pipeline; therefore they are put into the welded or seamless steel tubes. Manufacturing of basaltic products including creation of the design documentation is provided by our firm. Cast basalt lined steel pipes, and elbows and slabs made from basalt are used as a ready-to-use building material. Cast basalt lined steel tubes can be made with a flanged coupling, the flange purposed for welding, and possibly with a collar. After gauging of pipeline exact length and angles, the designer will offer you wear-proof tubes and elbows strictly according to your particular order.

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