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Material «Eucor» was launched to the market by Eutit s.r.o. which is the largest European manufacturer of cast basalt products. Thereby the company has satisfied requirements of its clients for situations related to high stresses and a friction and possible temperature variations when properties of cast basalt are already not enough.

Heat resistant founding Heat resistant founding Heat resistant founding Heat resistant founding Heat resistant founding

Casting made from «Eucor» entirely matches to similar products made by firms of global renown; our successful export to the countries which imported before products of those firms exclusively testifies about it.

Mineral and chemical composition – customary parameters

Mineral compositionWeight of %
Emery 48-50
Badelyt 30-32
Glass fraction 18-20


Chemical compositionWeight of %
Silicon dioxide 13-17
Aluminium oxide 49-52
Zirconium oxide 30-33
Titanium dioxide -0.1
Calcium oxide -0.2
Iron oxide -0.2
Alkali oxides -1-2

Casting made from "Eucor" entirely matches to similar products made by firms of global renown; our successful export to the countries which imported before products of those firms exclusively testifies about it.

"Eucor" is a material formed at fusion and subsequent crystallization of non-metallic components. The end-product is the three-layer component consisting of emery, badelyt and glass rim. These minerals provide high-class properties to "Eucor", and first of all, strength, thermal stress resistance and chemical durability.

Physical features of a material "Eucor"

Density (kg/m3) – CSN EN 993-2 3850-3900
Weight by volume (kg/m3) - CSN EN 993-1 min. 3500
Apparent porosity (by volume %) - CSN EN 993-1 max. 5
True porosity (by volume %) - CSN EN 993-2 max. 10
Working temperature (°C) 1000-1100
Temperature deformation resistance at 0.2 МРа (°C) 1700
Heat stress resistance (DIN 51068, cycles.) min. 20
Grinding (erasability) (DIN 52108, 750 sm2) max. 0,75
Wear resistance (EN 102, mm3) max. 30
Mohs hardness - CSN EN 101 extent 9
Vickers hardness (HV MPa) – ISO 403-1 min. 950
Compression resistance (МРа) - CSN EN 993-5 min. 300
Thermal conductivity (W.m-1R-1) at 20 °С  CSN EN 993-14
200 °C
400 °C
600 °C
800 °C
1000 °C
1200 °C

It is also necessary to note about thermal ductibility (in accordance with CSN EN 103) which makes approximately 0,5% at 700 °С, and comes nearer to 1% at 1400 °С. Such jump is typical for the type of a material at heating up to temperature area about 1100 °С with cooling from 1000 °С to 800 °С with reverse-linear step about 0,2 °С.

Our emery-badelyt casting has passed chemical stability test to sulphuric acid attack (in accordance with CSN EN 993-16) in 0.75% ratio to total mass, and to sodium hydrate attack (in accordance with CSN 725 122) that has led to 1,5% mass decrease.


Material "Eucor" is obtained by fusion in an electro-arc furnace at temperature about 2000 °С. A melted material is casted in metal or sand moulds in the customary foundry way. Separation and machining are carried out by diamond tools exclusively. This production process allows creation of any profiles which satisfy any requirements of a Customer to product shapes. So, various types of flat right-angled plates from 25 to 55 mm by thickness and with sizes of 200х20 mm, 250х250 mm etc. are moulded. Let consider radial blocks with various thickness (25 - 50 mm) and length of the sides from 200 to 700 mm. These cast products can be attached to various special pieces (connecting pipes with complex shapes, reductors etc.). Big product group is formed by tubes with matching elbows. Cast tubes have nominal internal diameter of 65-400 mm, typical length 500 mm and wall thickness of 25 mm (by particular requests - 20 mm). Standard elbows have thickness of 25 mm.

Thanks to the mastered production engineering our firm is capable to cast various stirring tools, exhaust plates, plates with holes and so forth. Weight of our products varies from 4 to 75 kg. Due to an interest to heavier products such as fireproof stones, blocks, mentioned above tee-joints (cross-pieces) for the recovery chambers of melting furnaces, we have started production of such and much heavier products over 100 kg in weight. Taking into consideration that all casting is made using sand moulds, our firm has its own mouldings and can realize practically any sketch design of the client, certainly, with observance of all foundry and technological principles.

Use of products made from "Eucor"

Due to its high hardness (9 degree Mohs hardness) this material is applied in the conditions of high abrasive loads, for example, in pneumatic silicon sand or sinter transportation, and in manufacturing of tube elbows. Other examples are lining of separators, spiral chutes, scraper transporters, etc. High heat resistance allows use of the products for construction of glass ovens, special pieces, burner walls and a burner as such, special pieces of the recovery chamber, and of coke-chemical site. Its use in ash collectors with high entrance temperature where use of the specified properties is possible, as for example, chemical resistance, is of interest. Thanks to its high heat resistance and wearing quality, resistance to calx and slag attack, it is possible to use "Eucor" also in some metallurgical furnaces. First of all, they are treads of furnaces with plungers where heated stock materials move. These treads are subject to high deterioration, blows and high temperature action. One more advantage of this material, taking into account its chemical composition and high density, is that the calx does not stick to a tread made from "Eucor". The material "Eucor" can be used also for deep furnaces, heating furnaces, tempering furnaces, and also in recuperators of glass ovens.

Thereby it is necessary to note that the price of our emery-badelyt products considerably lower than exported competing products.

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