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Amongst assortment basalt products, representative on our site, you can find many products with different forms and sizes, which were produced for protect equipment and constructions from aggressive environment, increased temperature (eucor products), abrasive and chemical wear.

Cast basalt as chemical resistant material successfully replacement plumbum, alloy, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, anti-acid ceramics, porcelain, granite and some make of plasmas. Cast basalt can replacement granite and marble in road and civil building, because it has high mechanical durability and abrasion resistance. Cast basalt can be used as decorative revetment.

Application area for products of cast basalt:

Usually our products destination for use it in industrial area:

  • Chemical, coke - chemical;

  • Ore mining (mining and processing manufactures);

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;

  • Coaly;

  • Thermal power plants, which worked on solid fuel;

  • Cement industry;

  • Paper industry;

  • Electro-technical;

  • Engineering;

  • Enamel industry;

  • Food industry;

  • Road building;

  • Sewerage;

  • Agriculture.

Using cast basalt production as lining equipment:

Basalt products used as covering and lining industrial equipment and constructions:

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