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Due to its unique properties cast basalt is successfully applied in ash sluices, sewage headers and in other ducts designed for transportation of abrasive and chemical flows. Cast basalt is not exposed to corrosion, abrasive and chemical affecting. Chutes made from stone casting are easily installed.

Additional features

Physical properties of those products allow complete interchangeability of cross sections. The material has a natural resistance to corrosion and a smooth surface with low coefficient of friction (in comparison with concrete, K = 0, 04 mm). It shows the best chemical resistance against sludge of run-off waters and alkaline medium. Zero absorbance prevents leak-off and pollution of underground waters. The material has high aggregation force with concrete and demonstrates bolting possibility. High accuracy of parts dimensions ensures minimum distances between joined elements and effective assembling.


For the longitudinal, oval, and mouth-shaped collecting channels. Building and repair of pits. Used for decrease of collapse possibility and as a brake surface in mine slopes. Construction and repair of sewage treatment channels. Safe passages in humid conditions.

Since 1950, in Czechoslovakia such chutes had been used for construction of sections of water systems used through present providing uninterrupted functioning of collecting channels. In Germany, chutes were used with the same purposes. In 90th, there was a boom in use of chutes for construction of collecting channels of water collecting systems in the Czech Republic again. In Prague within 1996-1998 run-off water system of the underground pipework having full length of 63 km was redesigned with use of chutes.

Chutes U-1 are developed in exchange of ZhI-300 for use in the capacity of hydraulic ash handling cradles in thermal power plants. Since 200З they are used in Zaporozhye thermal power plant of OJSC "Dneproenergo".

Use of products made from stone casting has perfectly proved itself:

  • In systems of treatment facilities,
  • In concentration plants at mining operations,
  • In the channels laid under facilities of special importance.
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