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Czech brewery "Stargorod"

In Donetsk opened a new establishment that after 2 months it has become very popular among the people of Donetsk. Brewery "Stargorod" liking Excellent cuisine, famous Czech beer and the interior, like the mine face.

brewery walls were made of boards, some places are seen simulating coal seams, and the floors were made of our kamnelitoy basalt tiles. Tiles of stone casting very well come to this design idea, because the first impression of people who have seen the tiles of fused basalt "Stargorod", which is also coal tile. Thus, in the Czech brewery not only Czech beer, but Czech floors that will last for many decades.

On behalf of «EUTIT-UA» we wish brewery "Stargorod" success and prosperity.

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+38 (099) 794-25-68



Адрес: г. Кривой Рог, ул. Домостроительная 6

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